Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Only Love You

I only know that I love you
With all my heart because
I feel complete hearing from you
That you love me so

I only know that I love you
With my soul because
I feel comfort through
Your warmth, hugs and kisses

I only know that I love you
With my whole life because
I feel secured with your care
Passion and caress

I only know that I love you
Because of what I am when I'm with you
You are everything to me
I'm nothing without you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


It was a truly remarkable moment the other day I happened to see while I was at a restaurant.
It is a two room small scale eatery located close to the place where I am working where most of the staff go to have snacks and at times lunch and dinner.

They have a small section upstairs meant exclusively for family.
Downstairs it is all men's area quite busy all the time till late night from early morning onwards.

For snacks you get a wide variety of sandwiches, some traditional snack dishes, juices, coffee and tea.
Lunch and dinner is as usual that you can get in many places.
The place is OK, neat and clean providing value for money and it is affordable.

I go there if I don't have time to cook my food or if I feel lazy to prepare food or just for a change sometimes.
So this time I was there enjoying dinner and only few people were there.

I spotted a family of two males, two females and a cute small girl busy with their food at one of the table in the corner.
Very rarely only we see families downstairs.
If somebody can't climb up the stairs or if the upstairs is full.

I watched with interest the kid eating her food very thoroughly and enjoying not only the dishes but keenly involved in the surroundings including the people.

She projected an air of absolute cleanliness, neat!

I finished my meal and headed towards the washbasin where I could see this small girl beginning to wash her hands.
She slowly opened the tap and poured water over her forearms first. Thoroughly washed both hands with the liquid soap and proceeded to rinse her mouth.

She was also done well using her finger to brush the teeth commonly done in Asian countries by some people.
Thereafter she washed her face well. I patiently waited there allowing her to finish all her routine at her leisurely pace.

I do wash normally my hands only but she had included her forearms and face as well.
After making sure she has washed well satisfied, she took the tissue from the holder and dried herself.
As the mirror was higher up she could not see herself on it but I saw her trying to raise up.
Unsuccessful she turned around, smiled at me and rushed to her parents in the restaurant.

I mentally appreciated her parents for teaching her the proper handwashing and other hygienic practices.
Sure she will follow all those things whole throughout her life.

She was doing all those things very meticulously without any hurry and might have wondered why other people ahead of her was rushing through handwashing only.

In wonderful life many hygienic practices which we used to practice before has disappeared and many new unhygienic things we adopted.
Naturally kids doesn't know proper hygienic practices because those things are not practiced at home.

Some schools have incorporated proper handwashing techniques in their curriculum which is really good.
Likewise some give training in proper teeth brushing techniques and other hygienic practices.

Monday, January 19, 2009


It was a perfect evening.

The warmth of the evening Sun was refreshing while I sat at the Coffee corner in the Hotel on the seaside. The evening twilight reflection painted a golden hue all over the place and I enjoyed sipping green tea getting soaked in the beautiful sunshine.

I could see the beach clearly through the shades of coconut trees,filled with natives and tourists. In the horizon the setting Sun still looked bright with its rays making the clouds glitter. At the far end of the beach natives were playing with fire crackers being New year day. I imagined how much would have been the festivities there on the previous night of December 31st, 2008.


The tea was fantastic, a perfect blend of quality greentea. I prefer to take green tea without milk and sugar,that is the correct method to take it as you all may be knowing. It was served perfectly as per my order by the smiling and polite waitress. I avoided cookies that are rich in transfats. The Hotel was simply great with friendly staff and class professional service. The only thing that was little troublesome was mosquitoes for which they have provided mosquito repellants in all rooms still it irked me a lot, to be honest.

I snapped some pictures of the crib the Hotel has made for Christmas under a tree decorated with beautiful lamps.They also made another crib at the lobby as well.I have seen the Christmas programme they had on their Notice Board.

I finished green tea and decided to explore the beach. The sand looked clean and very white. The beach was comparatively clean eventhough it is a tropical country and a public beach. A Hotel like this should have a private beach.I went to a quiet,less crowded area. The breeze was cool making me feel better and better. I saw a couple whom I noted before in the Hotel lobby swimming in the sea. There were some clothes and footwear probably belonging to them kept on the sand. There were some natives also wetting their feet in the water laughing and talking loudly.

The setting Sun captivated my imagination. I decided to shoot some pictures using my mobilecam. The model I have is a 3 megapixel one that delivered cute pics to my satisfaction and is perfectly handy. I felt lazy going back to my room to get my zoom camera. Every second of the Sun setting in the Horizon painted a different picture feasting my eyes and mind. I pictured some of those unforgettable moments in the video mode as well. The glittering hue changed to red, golden and a myriad of colors..beautiful...really beautiful. I have photographed Sunset in different locations in many parts of the world as well in the same locations at different days but each frame is different.There is uniqueness in every shot.

In the background at the far end of the beach natives were still playing with firecrackers. I did not want to go there because I felt it may not be that safe for a tourist like me but I saw many western tourists over there enjoying the show.

While I was absorbed in the natural beauty I saw two native men approaching me. Their footsteps were swaggering. Obviously drunk! One man came near me and said "Hello,how are you?"...offering me handshake. I said... "me fine"... He shook my hand hastily and said... "Bye Bye"..and left talking loudly. They celebrating New Year drinking....

I took a wet tissue form my pocket and wiped my hands clean.

By this time the setting Sun was drawing beautiful pictures which I photographed. Some of the native men and women were looking at me curiously whispering among themselves. As the Sun almost set fully and when it was begining to dimlight I strolled towards the Hotel not forgetting to snap some pictures of the Hotel as well.

Then I spotted some old fashioned canoes made of wood close to the Hotel in the beach. I snapped some pictures of those. By this time the Hotel was brightly lit with lamps and I could notice some decorative lights on some trees as well. There was soft music from the dining area where I ate my buffet lunch that day. It was cool over there at noon. The area was covered by a wooden roof and no windows allowing cool breeze to flow freely. The lunch was typical Asian with salads and some spicy dishes. I noted some dishes prepared in earthern pots as well. I ate some rice, a piece of fish and some salad for lunch.

I went to my room and after half an hour came back to the same area where I ate lunch to take my dinner. There were lot of westerners present. I smiled at everyone. The dinner was good. Dishes were more or less the same like lunch. I noted a Filipina with a western tourist group. She was wearing an attractive gown..good looking..

There were some mosquitoes and that was the only thing that irritated me otherwise the evening was good.

I enjoyed the music as well.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blossoming roses of love


Annie felt lighter enjoying his company.
He was romantic, skillfully chatting with her a wide range of topics.
Somehow she felt comfortable with the attractive man.

The whole group decide to leave when Emma and David returned to the table. David led Emma to his car leaving Annie with Gregory who offered a ride in his car to her home.

She accepted and soon found herself sitting beside him in his luxurious car.As they glided along the road beside the beach Gregory continued with his charming conversation and Annie taking part actively.

She felt so happy that evening.
As he turned the vehicle towards the hills Annie looked at him confused.

"Well....Miss...just relax...I would like to show you the scenery from the top of the hill. You will definitely love it".

Annie didn't object.
Instead she felt thrilled.

The car slowly climbed the winding road leading to the top of the hill overlooking the beach. Annie had seen this hill while traveling alongside the beach several times but was told it is private residential area. The whole place looked magnificent in the moonlight. Finally Gregory stopped the car in front of a huge iron gate.

Annie became nervous. A security guard approached the vehicle and he waved them through as Gregory lowered the glass window.
Annie saw a huge castle brightly lit that looked like an old palace.

Gregory stopped the car in the porch directly in front of the castle's elegant front door. Within no time two uniformed men opened the door for both of them and politely offered them warm welcome.
As they were ushered in Annie presumed Gregory owns this place by observing the way he conducted himself there and the dealings with his staff.

She felt embarrassed and nervous.
"Again...Miss...I must tell you sorry...well...I own this castle.
I bought it two years ago and since then I come here as much as I can because this is the place I love most".

He took Annie all around shows her the huge chandeliers century old and other antiques. The whole place was kept wonderfully clean with luxury everywhere.

He led her to a huge room that looked like a private room with king sized beds. He took Annie to a beautifully carved mural art on a wall and slowly pulled aside the velvet curtain covering a painting.

Annie was surprised looking at her own old painting done by her former friend David. "I bought it 2 years ago, Annie.... from him. I met him in Paris, he is now well-known in the art circle as a successful painter. At first he was reluctant to sell this but finally he agreed.
He didn't tell me who his muse was but I found out, now."

He came near and hugged her looking deeply into her eyes. Slowly he kissed her passionately, Annie thought she was dreaming as she responded to his intimacy.

With one hand embracing her Gregory opened the box on the nearby table. The blue diamond necklace sparkled brightly under the chandelier light!

The End

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blossoming roses of love


The post show dinner was just another extravaganza for them with lot of pleasantries. They enjoyed it very much. The party ended very late and they just fell tired and exhausted into their beds reaching home after returning the borrowed attire to the model agency.

Annie just slept hard till the cellphone began playing the ringtone of the latest popular melody by the Rock group in the city at 10 AM the next day. She reached for the phone still half asleep and listened to the shrilling voice of Mary her colleague in the shop at the other end.

"Ba...Ba...Annie...this was your secret"...she giggled.

"You and Emma were playing this game, you never told anyone...hmmmm.... And both of you are looking stunning"... she continued.

"Oh...what...what...." Annie didn't get a thing about what she was talking. "Please Mary...tell me...What's it?"

"Hmmm....Annie...wonderful...you didn't see today's newspaper?..you and Emma are there on today's newspaper supplement. You were there at the ballet and your pictures are there on the supplement in the City's party circuit newspage. I didn't know you both were going to the ballet, and ohhh...gosh...You both are now elite class..." Mary was talking breathlessly.

Annie was shocked to hear all these. She jumped out of the bed and dashed for the newspaper bunch lying on the floor just close to the main door pushed inside by the delivery man without bothering to close the conversation politely with Mary. She frantically opened the supplement and was surprised to see both hers and Emma's picture beautifully printed on the City's Party circuit newspage. The newspaper every Sunday will publish pictures of important functions and some corporate get-together colorfully and there she was with Emma mingling along with elites and important people.

With the newspaper in hand she opened the door and rushed to Emma's room and knocked on her door.
It took some time for Emma to open the door.
"Good morning Annie..what's the matter...well... come inside"...she rubbed her eyes half asleep. Annie dashed the supplement in front of her.
"Oh....My God....what's this". Emma's eyes opened out with surprise.

Annie slowly stepped inside her room and sat on her bed. Both of them didn't speak out for sometime sitting still.
"Annie...we have become famous. Now this has become high profile. We are in the limelight. I don't know what to do"... Emma sighed.

Suddenly Emma's cellphone been ringing. Another friend. Excited talks, giggles..Again another call...followed by another.
Annie slowly get up and walked to her room. She could hear her cellphone ringing...calls...again and again...

The whole day both of them received so many excited calls from friends acquaintances, relatives, siblings and parents and many text messages as well.

At the end of the day they realized that their adventure has become public and now they just cannot hide themselves.
They finally decided to face it squarely.While they were eating dinner Emma's cellphone began ringing.

It was David again. The conversation lasted long with lots of giggles from Emma's side.
Well...Annie David has invited us for a dinner next Monday just the two of us, ok? I agreed....ok?
Annie became irritated.
No.... I am not coming...you and David will make a perfect company not me..I am already fed up with all these..Emma...."
"Ohhhh...Annie come on..."
Emma persuaded her again.

The next day they were showered praises by their friends and colleagues while at work but contrary to their expectation they could handle things well.
Emma persuaded Annie again to attend the dinner.

To be continued....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blossoming roses of love


Hearing the love between the hero and heroine Emma started giggling. Annie could see the developing chemistry between the man and Emma.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the stage curtain parted slowly while melodious music floated in the hall.

The whole stage was bathed in soft sky blue light. Slowly they could see glittering stars in the blue sky and beautiful flowers everywhere.

As the whole scene got dimmed another spectacle of snow covered mountains were seen in the background and two dancers made their appearance accompanied by sweet music.

The well synchronized moves, twists and turns were beautiful and as they glided all over the stage and people just sat mesmerized at the beauty of all of it.

Slowly the characters began their appearance one by one and the beautiful love story slowly unfolded in front of them as a dance theme.
Annie was amazed at the perfection of the synchronized moves made by all of those dancers and the skills they exhibited simply was superb.

The audience were simply spellbound so that none noticed one hour has passed when the ten minute intermission was announced.

When the lights glowed they could hear excited talks all around them and both of them expressed their appreciation to David. He acknowledged them politely all the more pleased.

Annie noted he and Emma are sitting closer and she came to the conclusion that the chemistry is getting deeper between them.

Some people were going out for the break and David offered them a drink which they accepted. Three of them went out to the reception hall and the waitress promptly served them fresh juices.

As David headed for the restroom Annie naughtily teased Emma.

"Wake up...wake up....Cinderella".

Emma giggled...."What do you think of him Annie, Isn't he charming?"

"Well...well..he is just average"....Annie smiled mischievously.

"You...." Emma nudged her.

They laughed together.

From the admiring glances they received it was quite clear to them that they were looking good well suited to the gathering. So they decide to play their part to perfection.

The next half was better than the previous one. The dancers exhibited more and more skills and people applauded them heartily.
The light and sound captivated the entire audience.

The love story ended happily and everybody got on their feet giving a standing ovation when the dancers assembled on the stage.

It was a great performance!

"Well...ladies....how was it?" David inquired.

Both of them showered praise.

"Well. I presume you both have been invited to the post show dinner tonight"....

"Yes...of course..we have been invited and it is our pleasure to attend and we feel honored".

"Good...I also will be there and sure you will be meeting some important people".

David said goodbye after looking into the eyes of Emma a little longer.

After he left Annie teased her again.

Both of them felt really on top of the world enjoying the whole circus.

To be continued....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blossoming roses of love


The man signalled a waitress who was carrying a tray full of drinks.

Annie opted for a cocktail fruit juice and Emma accepted a glass of tomato juice from the waitress.

"Enjoy your drinks, please...15 more minutes for the doors to open and we will be back to take you to your seats...Allow us to take leave of you, temporarily..."

They bowed and hurried their way through the guests to welcome other dignitaries.

Annie and Emma felt comfortable among the gathering of the elites. As they sipped their drinks they exchanged pleasantries with some people around. The rich, famous, elite and powerful in the country were there.

Some high profile people made their appearance and they saw the welcome team approaching them again just as the bell sounded indicating the opening of the doors. They checked their tickets and was taken to the VIP chamber and were shown the comfortable, reclining seats. The man showed them the buttons on the chairs to call the butler service during the show, the exit and the way to the restroom politely. Annie noted with admiration the luxury and efficiency everywhere.

The VIP box was very spacious with a wide walkway in between the seats at different levels. Annie occupied the side seat and Emma sat just next to her. All the rows were having three seats each and they wondered who will occupy the third one next to Emma. By this time the dignitaries were getting seated and Annie could sense the excitement on the air about the wonderful event they all are going to watch.

They could feel the excitement of the elite people assembled in the VIP chamber anticipating a wonderful show ahead. Then the entry door opened and they saw the whole welcometeam ushering in a handsome man in a well tailored suit towards their row of seats. He seemed to be a very important person being escorted by the officials in that way.

Finally they came near them and in the midst of... Excuse me...ladies let me squeeze in here..etc....but there was plenty of space there being a luxurious VIP chamber and he finally got himself seated next to Emma on the the third seat in that row. There was a flurry of thank you's from both sides and the welcome team slowly retreated politely.

"Hello ladies..allow me to introduce myself...I am David...David Markell...Production control of this ballet".

The man smiled at them and handed over them his business card . Annie and Emma felt little nervous introducing themselves but they judged him as an easy going guy, well groomed and nice while he talked to them putting them at ease.

He narrated them the story of the show they are going to watch, the myths surrounding the theme, something about the costumes, the music, the cast among many other things. Both of them were amazed listening to his vocabulary while he portrayed the history of the ballet troupe.

Soon they both found themselves asking questions to him as though they were great friends for a longtime.
The way he conducted the conversation skillfully without in any way disturbing others at the same time making it interesting was
remarkable. In between he became humorous telling them about the love story.

To be continued.....